Developer Andy Jarrett

Reload Express.js application on file save

by Andy Jarrett

When you start with Node.js and Express you are probably friends with CTRL + S (Save file) CMD + Tab (Mac, switch windows) CTRL + C (Stop server/application in terminal) UP ARROW then ENTER (Restart server/application) However there are more

FizzBuzz in CFML

by Andy Jarrett

Reading an article on testing in interviews and it mentioned the Fizzbuzz test. If you haven't heard of this its simply: Loop from 1 to 100. When the number is divisible by 3 return Fizz When the number is more

ES6 Compatibility chart

by Andy Jarrett

Trying to find out if Firefox 37 or Chrome 40 supports that ES6 function yet? Check out for a comprehensive guide of what feature is support in which browser. n.b. Using coffeescript? more

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