Auto stop and start an Amazon EC2 instance

At my company we run several EC2 instance which don't need to operate 24/7 such as Dev and Staging and I recently figured there is »

How to poke around your Docker container with Bash

TL:DR docker exec -t -i $(docker ps -lq) /bin/bash For the full explanation; I needed to run tail -f on a log file within »

Another setting up a Server guide: Git

This is a second part of multiple posts all about setting your (Ubuntu) server (like the web needs one). I'm slowly moving over to Docker but »

Lockdown, a Mac security configurator for El Capitan

Lockdown gives you a GUI front-end to the termain based tool osxlockdown which works by changing your Mac's setting to reduce surface attacks. It has two »

monit: Openssl engine error. Cannot open a connection to the mailserver

Setting up a new box and Monit was thowing me an error when connecting to Amazon SES monit: Openssl engine error: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:func( »

Add some syntax colour to the Nano editor

I do my server managment on headless boxes so Nano is my friend and recently I came across serialhex/nano-highlight on Git which is a nice »

Secured bash script to backup a MySQL RDS dump to S3

This is an update to an earlier post which aims to make the bash script a bit more secure by removing the need to have a »

Docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint

Docker for mac decided to not play ball this morning with the following error regarding mapping ports. Docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external »

Example Lucee Docker Dockerfile's

I recently submitted a pull request to the Lucee Docker project on Github regarding expanding out the Lucee-nginx Dockerfile to include more low level/specific items »

SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains non aggregated column

Hit the following issue when doing some testing on a new dev machine (Mac) that was just set up with a fresh install of MySQL Expression »