Find and change non-UTF8 CHARACTER SETs in a Mysql tables

This is a modified script which allows you to change the character set of a MySQL table as well as convert any current non-UTF8 columns to »

Free flash drive or hard drive restore from @Backblaze

Backblaze have just introduced their Restore Return Refund program. This means that they'll mail you up to a 4TB drive to restore your data from (rather »

What does it all mean? event-loop, non-blocking, callback, single-threaded, concurrency etc

If you work with Javascript, either in the browser, or via Node.js then Philip Robers talk "What the heck is the event loop anyway?" it »

Searching MSSQL database for a Stored Proc by name or T-SQL definition

These two T-SQL scripts use an undocumented stored procedure, sp_MSforeachdb, to search through all the databases on a server. Im using it here to look »

Search all MSSQL databases on a server for a table

I use MSSQL/T-SQL just enough to be dangerous with it. Though the other day I knew I had a table in one of the many »

Terminal script to sound alarm when an IP address is reachable again

Two scripts to warn you when either an address is UP or DOWN. Alarm when address is reachable (good if the box or your internet connection »

CFHTTP error, I/O Exception: peer not authenticated for ColdFusion

Or Unknown host: peer not authenticated on Railo. Either way its a PITA when this happens. On Lucee/Railo the fix was easy. Go to the »

Transaction (Process ID) was deadlocked on lock

Hit this error on MSSQL and needed to find out which user was running a long query which, after a Google search, it's apparently easy to »

Reload Express.js application on file save

When you start with Node.js and Express you are probably friends with CTRL + S (Save file) CMD + Tab (Mac, switch windows) CTRL + C (Stop server/ »

Why I've jumped back to iOS from Android

Yes its one of those posts. Personally I liked reading them when I thinking about the jump back 6 months ago so this is for the »